Friday, June 13, 2008

Another one bites the dust

I just left another umbrella at a friend's house. That's 3 umbrellas this week I've lost. Crazy. I just can't remember when I leave a wet umbrella outside and it's not raining when I leave! Now I really have to go buy another one. I don't think I'd survive without an umbrella, and after living here, I will definitely never underestimate the usage of this lovely contraption:

  • Staying dry--it rains all so randomly and frequently during monsoon season (now).
  • Shading from the sun--that sun is killer strong! If I don't use an umbrella when it's sunny:
    1. My friends all scold me.
    2. I get worse tan lines.
    3. I'd sweat more than if I had one...however, when walking outside in the heat, I'm usually soaked to the bone with sweat by the time I reach wherever I'm going anyway, so I don't know how it'd make much difference, but I do know I sweat more without the umbrella blocking some sun.
  • When I walk past men in the streets who are inappropriately starring at me, I hold the umbrella just low enough to block their stare from my eyes, so I can't tell they're starring.
What would I do without it? a new one, I guess...

[Woman with her umbrella ready, working in the tea gardens nearby where I live...]

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Anonymous said...

Now I am definitely going to look really hard for some kind of umbrella to pack when we leave. Won't be long long. I am really enjoying all your updates and I'm taking them in as my travel guide too! Thanks!